Benefits of a Flexible Workspace

August 18, 2021

As you begin to read this, the likelihood of you sitting slouched in an office chair is high. The likelihood of you experiencing discomfort in your neck and shoulders, also high. For as long as people can remember, office environments have been designed with a strong streamlined focus on keeping team productivity high. Unfortunately, this has often come at the expense of comfort and personal well- being. Fortunately, times are changing, and workspace flexibility is being recognized as a priority.

In recent years, work environments (office spaces specifically) have revolutionized. Major changes have rolled out as people realize the importance of keeping their mind and body working as efficiently as they do. The incorporation of innovative workstations via standing desks and office fitness equipment has been a game changer. Office design research shows data confirming these benefits. Research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) shows the results of study done on over 146 NHS staff. Half of the participants in the study transitioned from their regular desks for sit-stand workstations. The work-related outcomes found recovery in occupational fatigue, and heightened work engagement. The mental health outcomes found improvement in participants’ psychological, environmental, and overall quality of life.

Flexible workspace research consistently demonstrates the benefits of crafting office environments that promote movement, motivation, and improved mood. Improved blood flow, increased alertness, and reduced risks of health problems all made possible through ergonomic design. Kind of crazy to think such simple integrations of mindful design can entirely revitalize a work environment.

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