Finding the Perfect Desk

August 4, 2021

Busy work days are stressful enough to manage without the added stress an uncomfortable workspace puts on your body. Back pain, shoulder tension and a stiff neck are all commonly experienced by most people spending too much time working hunched over at a stylistically aged- office desk. Historically, office spaces have been designed with one goal in mind. Productivity. And a multitude of other things, like movement, mood, and motivation, left unconsidered. At Versa Desk we revolutionize tired workspaces and maximize the benefits of flexible workspaces through our top-of-the-line products. Our ergonomically designed standing desks enhance mental clarity and increase energy, without ever compromising on productivity. In fact, because of the elevated alertness, productivity is boosted.

Finding the right desk is imperative to the success of your workday. Nobody wants to spend a third of their day slouched over, uncomfortably posted up in front of their screen. Fortunately, with Versa Desk, finding a desk that meets your unique needs while keeping you active is easy.

Revolutionary Selections

At Versa Desk we offer three different aesthetically modern, height adjustable models of standing desks, in addition to our corner desk option. Each model comes equipped with their own fully programmable tech features depending on your individual needs. Adaptable configurable options include an app controlled interface, electromagnetic motors, and programmable control switches allowing for preference presets.

Each model comes in a variety of aesthetically pleasing surface colors ranging from white to black with more vibrant colors in between.

For unmatched sleekness, each desk is furnished with a cable management system containing an under-desk tray and three desktop grommet holes- bye bye cable clutter. The under-desk cable management tray compartment keeps the cords off the floor and your workspace organized. Even height adjusted or lifted, the cables are never tugged on. Everything stays neatly tucked away creating a space that maximizes productivity.

Whenever you are ready to revitalize your workday, a quick scroll through our website will show you a selection of thoughtfully crafted selections that will help revolutionize your workspace. Prioritize making your time spent working, the best it can be with Versa Desk!