Work Health – Get in the Zone With an Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

Work Health – Get in the Zone With an Adjustable Standing Desk Riser July 26, 2018

How a spacing saving adjustable desk riser and diet make all the difference in work health!

In 2018, productivity is more important than ever and believe it or not, an adjustable standing desk riser may be the key to unlocking your most productive self. Whether for work or sport “getting in the zone” is the key to unlocking the prolific and constructive part of our brain. It’s what drives us to get things done quickly and effectively without wasted motion.

Professional athletes famously talk about being in the zone, how things slowed down for them while working together harmoniously to produce the best performances possible. That same zone that athletes talk about can be found at a desk job. Unfortunately, athletes have adrenaline and are focused on athletic achievement to help lock them into the zone. An office worker has a much harder time getting as psyched about a finance report than Lebron James dunking in front of millions of people.

Yet, fanfare or not, the office worker still needs to get things done and it would greatly behoove him or her if they could find their way into that same zone that Lebron James does. Here are two keys to help you get into that sought-after zone.

You Are What You Eat:

Your diet goes a long way in determining how productive you will be at work. Everyone has days where they wake up listless or unmotivated; that’s normal. However, what you eat weighs heavily on how often you wake up feeling that way. The same is true while you are at work.

Work Health – Get in the Zone With an Adjustable Standing Desk Riser
Don’t skip breakfast. More and more Americans do but that is setting yourself up for failure. Your body needs fuel to enter the zone and the healthier the food, the easier it is to work efficiently, maximizing productivity. A bunch of fast food is a death knell for productivity. The sugar and salts along with poor quality meats are a sure-fire combination for a listless afternoon.

Your Work Station:

The workstation may be the most underrated key to an employee’s productivity. An adjustable standing desk riser may also be the ultimate tool in unlocking the zone. There is a reason why smart companies like Google and Facebook are buying these adjustable standing desks risers by the truckload. The research is in, standing desks not only improve productivity but also, the health of workers! It makes sense, just like proper fueling your body is not only good for you but also for your work. The same is true for standing desks.

By breaking up the sedentary nature of an office job, an adjustable standing desk riser and space-saving desk systems help avoid a litany of health issues. Extended periods of sitting put workers at higher risk for diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The research shows that having an adjustable standing desk riser that allows employees to toggle between sitting and standing unlocks new levels of productivity. It’s as if breaking up the sedentary nature of office work is the key to entering the zone.

Whether you are an employee or employer, having a healthy, happy and productive workforce is vital in today’s ultra-competitive economy. Many space-saving systems are affordably priced. You also have to remember that these standing desks are investments with immediate returns. What other office tools can you buy that instantly improves the health and well being of your workforce? Standing desks are the future of offices: don’t get left in the past.