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Perfect Ergonomic Support from the World’s Leading Computer Desk

Now more than ever, people have been focused on ensuring that their workspaces are supportive for whatever they need to do throughout the day. Having an ergonomic computer desk is crucial in reducing risk of work related stress and injury. Versa Desk is the leading manufacturer of a fully adjustable computer desk that allows you to transition between a sitting and a standing position. Our products support your body and posture throughout the day to increase your productivity in the most comfortable way. Our desks are perfect for refitting an existing office area or when planning a new space from scratch.

The Benefits of a Standing Computer Desk

One of the most common types of pain experienced by people around the country is back pain caused by bad posture when sitting at an office desk. Versa Desk offers a range of standing computer desk options which allow you to seamlessly transition to positions that place less stress on your body. A well designed white or black computer desk that allows you to stand can also help you to combat long periods of inactivity, allowing you to stretch your muscles while burning more calories. You will also notice that your energy levels and mood are significantly increased with more movement throughout the day.

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Battle inactivity in the workplace the easy way with a standing computer desk from Versa Desk. Browse our range online or call us at (800) 465-1660 for more.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

“Wonderful option for a desk job… ”

I have chronic neck pain and sitting all day was extremely painful, and I would have to stop working and stand up until the pain subsided. The Versadesk allows me to stand and keep working.

-Lina B.

| Verified Buyer

“Love our PowerPros.… ”

Have bought 5 Versa Desk Pro’s so far, and everyone is super happy with them. Very happy with the single monitor arm I have for my desk. Easy to install. Customer service has been very helpful when I needed it as well. Highly recommend!

-Ashli E.

| Verified Buyer

“Love my new desk. Pleasant surprise that no assembly was required for the desk.… ”

Added the dual monitor arm and the desk is perfect for my home office. Solid construction and smooth operation to lift and lower.

-Colette F.

| Verified Buyer

“Amazing products, outstanding service! … ”

I ordered 4 desks but one got left out when shipped. I email VersaDesk and they contacted me immediately, fixed the issue, and sent a desk out right away. They were extremely helpful and very easy to talk with. THANK YOU VERSADESK!!!!

-Sally R.

| Verified Buyer

“Best decision I’ve made on my work environment.… ”

I have had other standing desks and the Versa Desk is by far a much more comfortable adjustable desk and working platform.. it fits in my office and on my desk perfectly.. Love it!

-Robert D.

| Verified Buyer

“This desk is the best investment I can think of.… ”

This desk is the best investment I can think of. I have had it for almost a month and since I received it I don’t think I have sat at my desk for more than 15 minutes at one time.

-Diana W.

| Verified Buyer

“Great Customer service experience. The process for ordering was very simple, and the chat worked well to get answers that I needed… ”

Once the product arrived I had to reconnect due to the item being damaged during shipping. VersaDesk was extremely responsive and sent a new model out quickly. I’m now using the desk and am very pleased.

-Melissa M.

| Verified Buyer