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Now more than ever, people have been focused on ensuring that their workspaces are supportive for whatever they need to do throughout the day. Having an ergonomic computer desk is crucial in reducing risk of work related stress and injury. Versa Desk is the leading manufacturer of a fully adjustable computer desk that allows you to transition between a sitting and a standing position. Our products support your body and posture throughout the day to increase your productivity in the most comfortable way. Our desks are perfect for refitting an existing office area or when planning a new space from scratch.

The Benefits of a Standing Computer Desk

One of the most common types of pain experienced by people around the country is back pain caused by bad posture when sitting at an office desk. Versa Desk offers a range of standing computer desk options which allow you to seamlessly transition to positions that place less stress on your body. A well designed white or black computer desk that allows you to stand can also help you to combat long periods of inactivity, allowing you to stretch your muscles while burning more calories. You will also notice that your energy levels and mood are significantly increased with more movement throughout the day.

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