PowerLift®️ Standing Desk

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The PowerLift Standing Desk by VersaDesk

Height Adjustable Standing Desk  

Do you like the Power Pro Sit-to-Stand Desk Riser, but wish to have the same quality & innovation in an all-in-one desk? Then the PowerLift Standing Desk by VersaDesk with its patent pending programmable stand up desk technology has you covered! It is a supreme electric lift workspace.  While being fully customizable, you also get features like programable height adjustment technology, built-in cable management and if you choose gloss white as the surface color, you have an interactive whiteboard surface (just don't forget you wrote on your desk and then absentmindedly rest your sleeve on the dry erase marker)! This adjustable standing desk has been built to last and elevates your working experience.  It's the perfect computer desk, and much more.  Ergonomic, programmable, one touch dashboard controls for your powered up and down height adjustment.  *Keyboards Arm & Tray, CPU Holder, Monitor Arms, & Desktop Power / USB Supply are sold separately.

Electric Powered Programmable Height Control

Programable height control (up to 32 height settings), solid steel frame base, smooth, quiet motorized height adjustment.  The quiet and strong motorized lift system adjust to your desired height in seconds up to 50".  Using an adjustable standing desk promotes ergonomics, has been proven to help with back and neck pain, increase circulation and improve productivity.

Powered Push Button Height Adjustment up to 50" 

With the ability to adjust your desk to the exact height you need, you can prevent and reduce physical workplace stress on your neck and back.  In addition to helping with blood flow and improving your productivity.

Lift up to 350 Pounds of Office Equipment

We have sourced the best motor for your sit-to-stand desk needs.  You can rely on the PowerLift Standing Desk to do the heavy lifting and leave you to concentrate on better things like when your next coffee break will be.  The patent electromagnetic linear actuator system runs on 12 volts and along with being powerful it is the most energy efficient standup design available.

Optional Monitor Mount Attachments Made Possible

Just like the VersaDesk Power Pro and Power Pro Corner Sit-to-Stand Desk Risers, the PowerLift Standing Desk comes with 3 predrilled 2" grommet holes (the 48 inch option only has one grommet hole).  Triple, dual, screens or more are possible by adding an optional monitor mounting post and VESA bracket.  This will enhance your standing desk experience, making your attached monitors a seamless extension to the surface with your desired height of your adjustable standing desk.

Customize your PowerLift Sit-to-Stand Desk

Add these exclusive accessories to your PowerLift Standing Desk Ergonomic Keyboard Arm and Tray, Adjustable CPU Holder, and Mounted Desktop Power / USB Supply to maximize your workspace and increase the functionality.  *These accessories are only for the PowerLift Standing Desk and WILL NOT work with the Power Pro & Power Pro Corner Desk Risers.

Available in White, Gray, Maple, Cherry, and Black

Choose from our dry-erase gloss white, an industrial gray matrix, a traditional maple woodgrain, an executive looking maple woodgrain, or a classy black matrix surface.

30 Day Trial, No Questions Asked

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Other Details

Key Design Features:
Electric Lift Push Button Adjustment | Programmable Digital Display | Built-in Cable Management | High Quality Powder Coated Steel Frame | 3 Pre cut Built-in Grommet Holes | High-Pressure Wilson Art Laminate Surface
Adjustable Standing Desk Max Height:
Raises up to 50 inches
Max Weight Capacity:
Lifts up to 350 pounds
Pulls maximum 12 volts of power
Lifetime Warranty backed by a 30 day money back guarantee!

Product Videos

Jane & The Power Lift Sit-to-Stand Desk by VersaDesk 01:08

The Power Lift Sit-to-Stand desk by VersaDesk is the perfect upgrade to your traditional desk. Its ergonomic features, programmable electric lift, height range from 25 - 50 in, choice of 5 colors are just to name a few of the reasons. Plus it's made of high-quality materials and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Take a stand! #endthesitshow

  • Jane & The Pow...
    The Power Lift Sit-to-Stand desk by VersaDesk is the perfect u...

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