Powerpro Standing Desk Converters

Versadesk has set up the unparalleled industrial benchmark for the standing desk converters with its Powerpro desktop riser product line and keep the top notch standard for users who pursue quality for their desks.

Sturdy Construction

The Powerpro is made with high-quality materials to feature a robust sturdy frame and desktop surface to support up to 80 pounds. You can confidently place your computer, and multiple monitors and other work essentials on the desk without worrying about it collapsing. The edged of the desktop are T-molding processed making a nice and smooth appearance.

Large Work Surface with 2 Tier Design

With the lower tier to be a wide keyboard tray, you get your working space largely expanded with the ergonomic desktop.

Electric Desk Height Adjustment

Versadesk is the only brand to utilize electric control mechanics that has been used in smart bed and height adjustable furniture to a sit-to-stand desktop riser. It still keeps the highest standard with its heavy duty powerful actuator and its patent X-frame design. Electric standing desk converter is the right desktop solution if you have not one yet.

It is not a question if it is better to sitting or standing for ergonomic lifestyle, it is how often it is to switch between the two.

Easy, Fast, Smooth & Quiet Adjustment

It has never been so easy to switch between sitting and standing at your desk with Powerpro desk converter. Versadesk Powerpro has a built-in height change switch and USB charging outlet. Simply push the button and release at any height you need without worrying about stopping point limit which exists with all the manual desk converters. The use of premium quality motor makes the desk height change smooth, fast and quiet.

Largest Height Adjustable Range

The 20" height change range still takes the lead, making it a good fit from students to tall people

Ready to Mount

Even with as sooth height adjustment as Versadesk standing desk converter, it is always a safer choice to mount your multiple monitors to your desktop. Powerpro gets all that ready with 3 pre-drilled holes. It works with any monitor arm mounts.

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