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Key Features::
Tilts up to 15 degrees and lift/lowers up to 6 inches | 33x10" Keyboard Tray | Scratch Resistant Surface | High Quality Steel Arm | Full mobility and Adjustment
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Ergonomic Keyboard Arm and Tray

A perfect add on for the Power Lift Sit-to-Stand Desk!  Our ergonomically designed Deluxe Keyboard Arm and Tray not only reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but also looks sleek.  The Keyboard Tray comes in one of four attractive, scratch-resistant WilsonArt Laminates. User comfort is the focus with this keyboard arm and tray which tilts up to 15 degrees with a simple twist of a knob, it also lifts/lowers up to 6 inches with a single touch and rotates left or right, making it easy to adjust positions frequently without disrupting workflow. The 33"W x 10"D surface of the keyboard tray provides ample space for an your keyboard and mouse. When not in use, the Adjustable Keyboard Arm and Tray retracts completely underneath the surface of the table or desk to protect the keyboard and create a clutter-free workspace.  


Choose from 4 Colors

Match your standing desk surface and choose from Gloss White, Black Matrix, Gray Matrix, or Maple Woodgrain.