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7 Tips to Help People Suffering from Back Pain!

7 Tips to Help People Suffering from Back Pain!

Posted by VersaDesk Marketing Team on Oct 23rd 2017

As kids, we never really thought about keeping good posture or maintaining a healthy diet! We were more concerned with watching our favorite cartoons and getting those sugary goodies. Now fast forward to today, and some of us are dealing with the consequences. A bad back is never fun, so here are some tips to help you with managing your pain! Today we will show you how to stop back pain.

  1. Keep good posture while standing and sleeping!

    There is no absolute “best” thing to do for better posture, but keeping your back straight instead of slouching in your chair, or getting the best ergonomic electric standing desk to keep you from having to sit for too long at work, may help you keep a better posture. Furthermore, choosing a comfortable sleeping position may also help to relieve stress. So, if you’re used to sleeping on your side, then you can place a pillow between your legs. Sleeping on your back means that you can elevate your knees, releasing some pressure from your lower back.

  2. Stress can aggravate inflammation!

    Studies have shown that inflammation is a cause for any type of pain, both physical and mental. Reducing it in the body is how we can help ourselves live a better quality of life! As both body and mind are linked, doing what you can to relieve stress, from exercise to meditation, can reduce inflammation in your body!

  3. Limit excessive bed rest!

    Some bed rest may help to alleviate pressure in your back, but staying in bed too long may lead to other problems, such as constipation and muscles losing tone and definition. Also, long-term bed rest can lead to depressive symptoms, elevating the fluids in your body that cause inflammation to get much worse!

  4. Finding and maintaining the right exercise routine!

    The only way to truly find the right exercise program for a better back is to talk to a physical therapist, or a doctor that specializes in your condition. There are different types of exercises, like seated rotational stretches to minimize impact. While these exercises won’t build tone and muscle, they will strengthen the muscles in your back, which will give you better overall conditioning for your day to day activities.

  5. Getting ergonomic furniture and equipment for better health!

    Working for long hours in a computer chair, or sitting in front of your computer for extended periods of time, can create those same problems that you get from excessive bed rest. An electric sit to stand desk or desk riser can definitely improve your quality of life in the workplace, and portable equipment like dumb bells and mini exercise bikes can make it easier for you to stay active while doing low impact aerobic and anaerobic exercises from the comfort of your own home or office!

  6. Stop using the brace as soon as you feel comfortable!

    Keeping the brace on for too long may lead to sedentary behaviors, adding unnecessary stress from staying stagnant, as well as the muscle loss as described earlier. Try to become more active as soon as you heal so that you can continue strength and endurance training for your body!

  7. Applying both ICE and HEAT!

    Anyone who has experienced a back injury knows how much impact it can have on a person who likes to keep moving. Applying an ice pack to reduce swelling and a heat pack to relieve pressure in 15-30 minute intervals, in accordance with medication used to help treat pain, may help to minimize the injury from becoming long-term.

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