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How to Choose the right  standing desk converter

How to Choose the right standing desk converter

Posted by Chris Laudadio on Nov 12th 2022

A standing desk converter transfers your standard desk to a sit-to-stand desk, while you can still keep your favorite style of computer desk with drawers or storage spaces. 

Choosing a standing desk converter can be very confusing; almost all of them look alight and have similar names. But not all are created equal. Let's explore the pros and cons of desktop risers. vdppc

  1. Is the Standing Desk Converter you are considering a MANUAL lift or ELECTRIC?
  2. This is one of the most critical features of a standing desk converter. The original Versa Desk standing desk converters all have powerful ELECTRIC LIFTING MOTORS.
  3. Ergonomic range of motion
  4. This is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a standing desk converter. , 90% of low-cost MANUAL lifting risers use a raising arc movement that requires the user to lean forward and pull up the unit. Leaning forward and lifting with your back is dangerous and can result in muscle strain and fatigue in your upper and lower back. Check to see how the unit raises and lower. The correct range of motion is straight up and down motion. The Versa Desktop converter has a powerful electric linear track actuator that will stop in any position with the touch of a button for height adjustment operation.
    The best Standing Desk Convertors have ELECTRIC lift motors. Cheap manual standing desk conveyors have pre-set height adjustments, which can be very difficult to use when trying to find the correct ergonomic standing posture position.vdpp-b-03controlswitch
  5. Convenience feature
    • Charging: Is your unit integrated with the USB charging port?
    • The Versa Standing Desk converter has a built-in USB port on the upper deck, easily plug in your power cable and start charging.
    • Monitor mounting options
    • Many products show monitor arms on them in pictures, but the reality is that they need to clamp on the side and very often fall off !! The Versa Desk Standing converter has integrated three monitor mounting positions our patented through holes are specially designed to safely mount the Versa monitor arm while feeding the wires through so that they don't interfere what the movement. They also double as a cable management system with our two-piece adjustable grommet bezel, which gives the Versa Desk a clean, finished look.

  6. Safety features
  7. Very often, low-cost manual units can crash if the adjustment latch is knocked out of place or not properly engaged when lifting. The Versa Standing Desk has two very important safety features:
  8. Powerful electric drive motors will stay steady in any position.
  9. The child safety USB control switch allows for a fixed position or non-tampering or playing with the unit
  10. Is your unit made in the USA?
  11. If the product is not manufactured locally, you could have problems getting parts or services. Very often, inferior quality units are manufactured in other countries and shipped over on the boat. The Versa Desk has a FREE Life Time Parts program, so our products are back with 23 years of service.
  12. Versa Desk name we are the original Versa Desk made in the USA
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A standing desk or a standing desk converter both promote a healthier workspace. It is important to find a balance between sitting and standing while working. Check out: How long is too long?

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