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New Year, New Home Office

New Year, New Home Office

Posted by VersaDesk Marketing Team on Mar 20th 2022

Many of us thought that 2022 would be the year we returned to the office. It seemed like COVID-19 was getting manageable, and many of us had already transitioned back to at least part-time at the office. Then, Omicron hit the U.S. Although this variant has not been as deadly as other versions, the fact that it is highly contagious has led many people back to their home office. If you are one of the millions of people who are currently working from home, isn’t it time to make sure your home office is up to par?

Look Better in Your Meetings

How do you look in your Zoom or other work meetings? If you are like many of us, the camera on your computer is just not as flattering as it could be. Look better on your Zoom meetings with some better lighting. Investing in an affordable ring light can do wonders for how you look on your meetings. People respond better to better-looking people. It may give your business reputation a surprising boost!

Feel Better in Your Office

For many people who work from home, a home office is actually a multi-purpose space. Whether you have a dedicated room to serve as your office or have to share space, you should feel like you are in your workspace. Add some details to make it feel like a professional space. Get some organizers, have your supplies ready, and add some details you would have in your workspace like some attractive plants or safe for work photos!

Get Healthier

Perhaps one of the best upgrades you can make it is to make your office space healthier. Most home offices are stocked with desks and chairs people pick up at big box stores. Those may have been fine when you were only doing occasional work from home. However, when working from home becomes the norm, a bad desk or chair can wreak havoc on your body.

Fortunately, at Versa Desk we can help. We offer a range of office products that are aimed at improving your health. We offer standing desks, desk risers, and ergonomic desk chair options. Choosing a combination of our products, you can help protect yourself from repetitive stress injuries, the impacts of bad posture, and even the risks of an overly sedentary lifestyle. Choose the right combination to give yourself the office that works for you.

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