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Seven Benefits of a Standing Desk

Seven Benefits of a Standing Desk

Posted by VersaDesk Marketing Team on Mar 5th 2021

To say that standing desks can be a real lifesaver may seem to be a bit dramatic, but it is totally true. A number of studies have shown a significant correlation between the amount of time a person sits and early death. We will explore some of the possible reasons for that link when we discuss the other benefits of a standing desk, but our number one benefit of a standing desk is that it could help increase your life expectancy by around two years!

We all know that obesity is a major risk factor for disease. While obesity and living a sedentary lifestyle do not always go hand-in-hand, there is no doubt that being sedentary increases your risk of obesity. A simple change like having a standing desk helps you live a more active lifestyle. While standing is not exactly high-impact cardio, it does have some of the benefits of exercise, such as raising your heart rate and burning more calories than sitting.

The third benefit of having a standing desk is that it might be able to lower your blood sugar. While there have not been any large-scale studies to support this, small studies have demonstrated that standing can reduce blood sugar spikes significantly, which is especially helpful for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Neck and back pain are two of the top complaints from workers who are deskbound all day. Sitting at a desk encourages some very unnatural postures that put people at risk for neck and back pain, as well as repetitive stress injuries. Using a standing desk can help you use proper posture and eliminate some of that pain.

Given the positive impact a standing desk can have on obesity and blood sugar, it should come as no surprise that standing desks may help reduce cardiovascular disease. Prolonged sitting is linked to an extremely increased risk of heart disease, and it does not appear that exercise alone can counter the negative impact of so much sitting. Incorporating standing as a regular part of your day helps reduce that risk.

Some of the benefits of a standing desk are harder to quantify. People who stand report having a better mood and more energy than people who sit, which is no surprise because extended sitting has been linked to depression and anxiety. Maybe this elevated mood is responsible for the final benefit of a standing desk- increased productivity. 

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