OmniView Laptop Arm


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OmniView Laptop Arm 

Durable and easily adaptable to any desk setup!  The OmniView Laptop Arm is extremely versatile, lightweight, easy to install and use. The effortless placement of your laptop makes personalizing your environment a breeze! Because of its ability to rotate 360 degrees, sharing your screen with a coworker or adjusting your monitor positioning can be done at the blink of an eye, just another way the OmniView Laptop Arm will uplift your work experience. The Mounting Pole arm rests on has 10 notches for you to choose your laptop height, meaning you can get even more ergonomic benefit from your VersaDesk setup.  Now that is what we call the cherry on top!


  • Aluminum Alloy Frame

  • Integrated Cable Management

  • 360 Degree Rotation Range

  • 180 Degree Swivel Range

  • 80 Degree Tilt Range

  • 10 Set Arm Height Options

Product Benefits:

  • Easy to install & Use

  • Height Adjustable

  • Fatigue Reducing

  • Space Saving