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Keyboard Tray

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  • Three available sizes: 20" x 10", 24" x 10", and 28" x 10"
  • 15 degrees of tilt
  • 6" of height adjustment
  • 100% retractable under work surface
  • Ultra scratch-proof finish
  • Easy to turn knob adjustment


Our ergonomically designed Basic Keyboard Arm and Tray not only reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but also looks beautiful with one of four attractive, scratch-proof finishes. User comfort is the focus on this keyboard arm and tray which tilts up to 15 degrees with a simple twist of a knob and lifts/lowers up to 6 inches with a single touch, making it easy to adjust positions frequently without disrupting workflow. 

This keyboard tray compliments the Edison Electric Standing Desk and Habitat Electric Standing Desk ONLY.

When not in use, the Basic Keyboard Arm and Tray retracts completely underneath the surface of the table or desk to protect the keyboard and create a clutter-free workspace. With three sizes to choose from, finding the right size to fit your table or desk is easy.

The 20" tray supports a standard sized keyboard while the 28" tray provides adequate space for an extended keyboard or a standard keyboard and mouse. This product is assembled in the U.S.A., individually-inspected for quality assurance, and guaranteed for life.