• PowerLift®️ Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
  • PowerLift®️ Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
  • Powerlift Ergonomic Keyboard Tray - White
  • Powerlift Ergonomic Keyboard Tray - Black
  • Powerlift Ergonomic Keyboard Tray - Maple
  • Powerlift Ergonomic Keyboard Tray - Cherry
  • Powerlift Ergonomic Keyboard Tray - Grey

PowerLift®️ Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

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PowerLift®️ Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

  • Surface Dimensions: 33" W x 10" D
  • 6” height adjustment range
  • 30 degrees of tilt adjustment
  • 360 degrees swivel capability
  • 16” slide-out adjustment track, 100% retractable under work surface
  • Ultra scratch-proof finish
  • Easy to turn knob adjustment

Designed to be our most adaptive keyboard & mouse solution, the upgraded mechanism of the PowerLift®️ Ergonomic Keyboard Tray incorporates the latest developments in ergonomics with simple, effortless adjustment systems. With a twist of a knob, users can adjust the surface tilt up or down with a total range of 30 degrees; effortlessly lift or lower the articulating arm by 6”, or slide out the surface up to 16” or push it back under your desk anytime throughout the day.

But this Keyboard Tray isn't just functional; it's beautiful too. With various color options, finding one to match or complement your existing desk or table is easy. The scratch-proof finish protects the surface, ensuring it looks beautiful for years. The white surface also works as a dry-erase marker board to take notes on.

This product is designed to be paired with the PowerLift®️ Standing Desk and is proudly assembled in the U.S.A., individually-inspected for quality assurance, and guaranteed for life.