• Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual
  • Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual
  • Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual
  • Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual
  • Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual
  • Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual

Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual

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The Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual by VersaDesk

Introducing the ultimate workspace transformer: the Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual by VersaDesk®. Designed as the perfect companion to the Micro Power Desk Riser - Single, this model takes flexibility and ergonomics to the next level for those who juggle multiple tasks and need their monitors, keyboard, and mouse to transition seamlessly from sitting to standing positions throughout the day.

VersaDesk® has ingeniously crafted this model to enhance your work environment without sacrificing the precious real estate of your existing desk. It’s designed for the modern professional who demands efficiency and comfort in equal measure. With an effortless push-button electric height adjustment, shifting from seated to standing work modes becomes an instant, seamless action.

But the genius doesn’t stop there. The Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual features a cleverly designed small keyboard tray with a sliding mechanism. This allows you to maintain an optimal distance from your monitors while bringing your keyboard along for the ride, ensuring your workspace adapts to you, not the other way around.

Transform the way you work with the whistle of innovation. The Micro Power Desk Riser - Dual by VersaDesk® isn’t just an accessory; it’s a necessity for anyone looking to boost their productivity, enhance their comfort, and make the most out of every square inch of their desk. Elevate your workday with the push of a button and experience the difference of a truly dynamic workstation.

Dual Universal LCD Monitor Mount

Easily mount your monitor to the built-in universal LCD monitor mount on the Micro Power Desk Riser Dual.  

  • Fitted with universal 75mm & 100mm VESA compatible brackets

  • Supports all monitors up to 27" 

  • Allows for tilt and swivel adjustment

Deluxe Control Switch

  • Comes equipped with our Deluxe USB Control Switch

  • Power your smart device easily at hands reach

  • Safety locking feature - avoid unwanted height adjustment 

Available in 2 Colors

Choose from our powder coated Industrial Black or High Gloss White color options.

Product Benefits

  • Electric, vertical height adjustment

  • Thin, space saving design

  • Durable, made of premium steel and a high quality motor

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Low footprint
  • Fatigue Reducing


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