• The Mini Power Desktop Riser | Sit-to-Stand Electric Push Button Height Adjustment | Perfect for your laptop
  • Mini Power Desktop Riser
  • Mini Power Desktop Riser
  • The Mini Power Desktop Riser | Electric Height Adjustable | Sliding Laptop Tray Adjustment
  • The Mini Power Desktop Riser | Fully lowered to sitting position
  • The Mini Power desktop Riser | Partially Elevated | Shown in Black
  • Mini Power Desktop Riser | Side View | Sleek design allows for optimal use of space
  • Mini Power Desktop Riser | Gloss White | Laptop Sit-to-Stand Electric Height Adjustment

Mini Power Desktop Riser

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Mini Power Desktop Riser by VersaDesk

Introducing the Mini Power Desktop Riser, made just for your and only for your Laptop!  The VersaDesk solution for those of you who want the same benefits from an electric sit-to-stand desk converter but have limited space and don't want to sacrifice the whole surface of your desk! The electric power push-button height adjustment aides in creating a more ergonomic solution for sufferers from severe back pain and osteoporosis.  Because of the electric push button, you are able to effortlessly adjust the height of your laptop. Slim yet sturdy, the tray which your laptop sits upon is adjustable.  It can extend outward giving you the ability to have your laptop right where you need it while you are at your standing desk.  VersaDesk's Mini Power Desktop Riser was created for people who want the option to stand or sit at their desk but do not require the larger models made for those who use multiple monitors or a large desktop computer, being that this is just enough space for you laptop.  It is not meant to be used and will not work with monitor mount attachments.  SO if that is something you desire, we would suggest checking out our VersaDesk Power Pro or VersaDesk Power Pro Corner  desktop riser models.  Now it's easier than ever for the avid laptop user to power their way to success at the push of a button!


Product Features:

  • Laptop tray rises from its minimum height of 1/8" to a maximum height of 17.75"

  • Push Button Height Adjustment

  • Motorized Lift

  • Vertical tray slide adjustment 

  • Premium T-Molding for ultimate sturdiness

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel

  • Low wattage requirement

  • Patent Pending 


Color Options:

Available in two powder coated colors: Industrial Black, or a High Gloss White.


Product Benefits:

  • Converts your desk into an adjustable standing desk

  • Smaller form factor gives you more desk space

  • Helps reduce neck and back pain

  • Aids in increasing alertness & productivity

  • Electric push button height adjustment


Accessories not included