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  • PowerLift Split Level Electric Standing Desk
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PowerLift Split Level Electric Standing Desk

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PowerLift Split Level Electric Standing Desk

Elevate your workspace with the PowerLift® Split Level Electric Standing Desk, a masterpiece of design and functionality tailored for the modern professional. This desk is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a versatile, dual-tiered command center designed to enhance your productivity, health, and workspace aesthetics. Whether you're decking out your home office or upgrading a corporate space, the PowerLift® offers an unparalleled blend of style and smart technology.

Crafted with a keen eye for detail, the PowerLift® boasts a unique split-level surface, offering ample space for multitasking and organization. This innovative design not only separates your work areas for optimized efficiency but also includes a built-in charging station equipped with two 110V power outlets and three USB ports, ensuring all your devices stay powered throughout the day.

 The PowerLift® doesn't stop there; it comes with a programmable control switch that offers seamless height adjustments from 31" to 47", allowing you to find your perfect ergonomic stance with ease. Integrated iOS app connectivity takes customization to the next level, enabling you to preset your preferred desk heights and monitor your standing habits, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Available in a variety of sizes to fit any space—48" x 30", 60" x 30", 72" x 30", 60" x 60", 60" x 72", 72" x 60", and 72" x 72"—and built with a high-density fiberboard surface covered in high-pressure WilsonArt laminate, the PowerLift® is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining its elegant appearance.

With a robust weight capacity of over 264 lbs., this desk is ready to support everything from your computer and documents to your personal items, all while maintaining a scratch and dirt-resistant facade. Equipped with a safety locking mechanism, crafted with American manufacturing excellence, and backed by a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee plus a lifetime warranty, the PowerLift® Split Level Electric Standing Desk is not just an investment in your furniture—it's an investment in a healthier, more productive you.



Key Features

  • Improve your health and productivity
  • Effortless electric lift with push-button adjustment
  • Height adjustable desktop elevates from 31" - 47" 
  • Programmable control switch
  • Dual worksurface desktop design with 2x 110V power outlets & 3x USB outlets
  • 264+ lbs. weight capacity
  • High-density fiberboard surface  
  • High-pressure WilsonArt laminate
  • Scratch / dirt resistant
  • Safety locking mechanism
  • American manufacturing quality
  • 30-Day satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty (See details)



Accessories not included.

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